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Dispatch and completion management system

Dispatch and management system

Solution introduction

The dispatch and completion management system is an efficient work order management platform. When people submit repair requests or the system detects equipment errors, it can immediately notify and quickly create maintenance work orders, allowing managers to quickly assign tasks to maintenance personnel; at the same time , maintenance personnel can also claim the work orders they want through the App, thereby reducing the burden on managers and improving each other's work efficiency.

The system automation process also includes work order activity history and analysis functions.

It allows managers to better understand the number of equipment problems and maintenance efficiency, and track task processing progress in real time.

Role usage situations and processes

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  • System: Detect equipment problems and automatically generate work orders

  • Customer Service: After receiving reports from the public, enter the system to create a work order and fill in the problem description and contact information.

System & Customer Service
Supervisor & Maintenance Personnel

​Create work order

Assign/receive work orders

  • Maintenance personnel: Get the work orders you want in the system claim area

  • Supervisor: Distinguish the remaining work orders according to location and assign appropriate tasks to maintenance personnel.

Maintenance personnel

Make repairs

  • Repair online or in the field

  • Report maintenance status in the App

  • If parts are missing, you can apply to wait for spare parts in the APP

  • ​If you cannot complete it yourself, you can transfer the order to other maintenance personnel

  • Review completed work orders to ensure repairs meet standards

  • ​Reject the wrong work order and ask maintenance personnel to correct it


​Audit work order

  • View completion records: Confirm your workload and efficiency

  • Revise the work order: Check the supervisor's description and fill in the missing information

Maintenance personnel

View completed repair records/correct work orders

  • Through the system analysis function, you can understand the completion status of tasks and make more effective management and adjustments.


View chart statistics

Program features

1. App and Web dual platforms

Through the dual platforms of App and Web, you can easily manage tasks anytime and anywhere. This cross-platform flexibility provides more usage options for different roles. No matter where customer service, supervisors, maintenance personnel, or owners are, they can effectively monitor and process work orders and comprehensively improve work efficiency.



mobile phone

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2. Complete work order process

Our system can track and record the complete process of each work order, from repair request to processing to completion. No matter who receives, assigns or transfers the order, all steps are clearly displayed. This kind of transparency not only allows managers to understand at a glance, but also improves the efficiency of communication between teams.

Work order progress

Process notes

Historical tracking

3. Clear chart analysis

Using the system's built-in chart analysis tool, you can gain an in-depth understanding of the number of work order issues, regional distribution, and the work efficiency of each team member. This intuitive data display allows managers to gain insight into problems more quickly, make wise management decisions, and improve management efficiency.

Processing efficiency

Problem integration

Regional statistics


4. Regional repair reports are available

The system's unique regional repair reporting function not only quickly receives repair reports, but also avoids the trouble of repeating work orders and accurately locates the problem. This helps improve the processing efficiency of maintenance personnel and customer service personnel, saving valuable time.

No duplication

precise positioning

Quick dispatch

5. Multi-level account settings

Exclusive permissions can be set according to different roles.And carry out multi-level account management,Ensure the security of sensitive information. This meticulous management approach meets the needs of personnel at different levels and achieves a safer operating environment.

protect privacy

Easy collaboration

Easy management


6. Multiple work order type settings

The system provides flexible work order type settings and can be freely adjusted to cope with different repair reporting situations. Not only can it prescribe the right medicine, it will also make it easier for maintenance personnel to carry corresponding parts to on-site repairs. It will also make it clearer when counting work order problems, making management more intuitive and faster.

Convenient preparation

Clear work assignments

Conducive to statistics

7. Customizable work order SLA

The exclusive SLA self-setting function allows you to flexibly adjust work progress standards according to actual needs. It can provide corresponding completion time limits according to different occurrence locations, manage the urgency of different tasks, and improve the controllability and efficiency of work.

Custom time limit

Easy to manage

Improve efficiency


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