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Dispatch and completion management system

Quickly create repair work orders for public notifications or problems detected by the system,

Accurately assign areas and corresponding personnel to save waiting time.

Supporting multiple platforms, you can easily collaborate and solve problems no matter where you are.


Zhanrui service items

Zhanrui is committed to the design, integration and development of transportation electronic ticket-related application systems, including the construction of a transportation mobile ticket SaaS platform, the development of transportation application information systems, the design of transportation tickets and small consumption and point systems, and the promotion of Taiwan's experience to the international community to assist developing countries. National transformation of financial transportation digital services.

Cultivate Taiwan's young engineers not only to be technical but also to think innovatively.

Make everything possible and make people's lives better through innovative information services.  



Integrate hardware devices and systems

Whether it is smart ticket machines or mobile payment systems, Zhanrui can integrate and provide efficient integrated solutions.


Mobile Ticket SaaS Platform

Get away from the traditional tedium and achieve a paperless and barrier-free ticketing experience, bringing revolutionary changes to your transportation payment.


Small consumption and points system

Simple and easy payment and point management provide unique consumption fun and make the transaction experience smoother and more convenient.


Dispatch and completion management system
  • App and Web dual platforms

  • Instant notification and quick file creation

  • Graphical reports provide intuitive understanding of maintenance progress and performance

Equipment parameter management system
  • Batch creation setting function saves time and effort

  • Instantly detect device status to improve stability

  • Equipment settings are flexible and can be adapted to various operators

Equipment monitoring system
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicle status to ensure smooth transportation
  • Support ticket cost management and provide personalized fare plans

Cooperation Case

close-up-electric-car-france (1).jpg


Smart road stop parameter management system

woman-using-electric-car-charging-station (1).jpg


Smart parking column repair reporting system

easy-wireless-yechnology-payment (1).jpg


Ticket inspection machine monitoring system

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