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Equipment parameter management system

Traffic Device management system

Solution introduction

The transportation equipment parameter management system is a comprehensive intelligent solution that provides excellent management efficiency for urban transportation facilities. Customized establishment of equipment parameters and standard values to meet the needs of different regions and uses breaks the limitations of traditional standard equipment and ensures that each place can receive the most suitable management.

Our system is not only committed to improving the efficiency of urban transportation equipment, but also integrates the mission of shortening the gap between urban and rural areas. Through smart management, both busy cities and remote villages can enjoy the same level of transportation infrastructure.

Role usage situations and processes

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  • Establish regional parameters: from counties and cities to road sections, accurately locate equipment locations

  • Establish a network host: Ensure that every device on the network can communicate, be identified, and manage correctly

  • ​Create device type: Customized settings to match customers’ multiple models


​Establish basic parameters

Create device parameters

  • Establish equipment materials: they can be subdivided into equipment, materials, and parts to accurately control the operating status

  • Establish equipment standard values: When the equipment exceeds the standard value, the system will automatically issue an alarm to remind you of possible problems.

Monitoring personnel

Take a repair report

  • After receiving the alert, you can check it online first

  • ​If the problem cannot be solved online, repair measures will be taken quickly to ensure that the fault or abnormal situation is handled in a timely manner

  • According to region,Parameters of the device type that can assign tasks toThe most suitable maintenance personnel

  • The system records equipment standard values and current error values, helping to perform maintenance more quickly and accurately.

Maintenance personnel

Make repairs

  • View the number and type distribution of devices by region

  • Viewing device error project statistics helps to develop more effective management strategies


View chart analysis

Program features

1. Regional multiple settings

From counties, cities, administrative districts to road sections, our system provides detailed regional settings to ensure that the traffic equipment parameters in each region can respond to local needs and achieve a higher degree of management accuracy.

Custom area

Conducive to statistics


區域多元設定 (1).png

2. Various fee types

To flexibly respond to changing billing needs, the system supports a variety of rate type settings, including timing, billing, etc. No matter how your billing strategy changes, it can perfectly coordinate to meet the needs of different users.

Flexible billing

Adjust quickly

Multiple currencies

3. Car segment management

Carefully subdivide various vehicle compartments, including general vehicle compartments, disabled vehicle compartments, unloading truck compartments, etc., to provide more detailed management options to ensure that the needs of different vehicles can be fully met to cope with diverse traffic scenarios.

Cooperate with billing

Flexible configuration

車格細分管理 (1).png
IP定點管理 (1).png

4. IP fixed-point management

Our system provides easy IP fixed-point management, which facilitates remote monitoring and device configuration, ensuring that the system can operate stably at any place and time. This makes remote management and maintenance easier while saving cost and time.

Convenient for remote

Easy maintenance

5. Stage establishment setting

The stage construction setting is in line with the progress of the project, so that the equipment configuration and specifications of each construction stage are perfectly matched to ensure the smooth progress of the project. This means that the system will automatically adjust as the project progresses, providing a more intelligent management method.

Consistent standards

Intelligent management

Improve performance


6. Comprehensive equipment management

Comprehensive management from overall equipment to materials and parts ensures that all assets can be fully utilized. This allows you to more fully understand and manage your assets and improve overall efficiency.

Cost control

Precise installation

Easy maintenance

7. Standard value setting

Set equipment standard values to reduce the complexity of monitoring, while ensuring that problems can be identified immediately when abnormal events occur, improving system stability. You can more accurately grasp the status of your equipment and reduce potential problems.

automatic detection

Instant notification

Easy to monitor


8. Intelligent statistical charts

Use the system statistical chart function to easily understand the number of equipment problems in each area, allowing managers to make more scientific decisions. This makes the data more intuitive, helping to develop smarter management strategies and improve overall effectiveness.

Instant analysis

Intuitive information

Convenient to compile

Application field

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