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Equipment monitoring system

Equipment monitoring system

Solution introduction

The equipment monitoring system is specially designed for modern transportation, ensuring stable operation of transportation through real-time monitoring and diagnosis. The system supports multiple settings for operators and stations, and provides accurately calculated availability rates and network restart times to help improve transportation efficiency. The output of statistical charts enables managers to intuitively understand operating data, and real-time parameter version confirmation reduces system risks. Exception recording and analysis provide the basis for quickly locating problems and ensure that the system continues to operate efficiently.


Combining advanced technology to inject more efficient and safe operating standards into mass transportation management,

Thereby improving the overall transportation efficiency and injecting wisdom and safety into modern urban transportation.

Role usage situations and processes

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  • Set up stations and operators

  • The license plate of the vehicle owned by the importing operator

  • Import schedules of various businesses

  • ​Set vehicle type and select equipment

Monitoring personnel

​Create parameters

View real-time monitoring records

  • Check the status of transportation vehicles

  • Check network connection status

  • View device status

  • ​If you encounter an abnormality, report it for repair


View compliance data

  • Check equipment availability rate

  • View fault repair records

  • ​Check the vehicle failure time and problems, and formulate corresponding management methods

  • Receive a repair order

  • ​ Bring the preparation materials or maintenance tools corresponding to the vehicle type for repair

Maintenance personnel

Make repairs

  • The system automatically reminds you to update parameter versions regularly


Regularly updated

  • Through the system analysis function, you can understand the completion status of tasks and make more effective management and adjustments.


View chart statistics

Program features

1. Real-time monitoring and diagnosis

The real-time monitoring function can immediately determine the status of the vehicle and ensure that the connection is normal. Not only does it improve the efficiency of responding to emergencies, it also ensures the stability of overall vehicle operations to respond to potential problems immediately.

​Real-time monitoring

Quick return

Confirm attendance

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2. Diverse settings of operators and sites

The system supports flexible settings for multiple operators and stations, and can easily import all license plate information. Make management more flexible to meet the needs of different regions and transportation operators.


Easy to manage

Batch import

3. Calculate the number of network restarts

The system calculates the number of network restarts in detail, helping to quickly grasp network stability. Improve the system's awareness of connection problems and ensure that the system can run smoothly.

Convenient for debugging

High stability


4. Calculate equipment availability rate

The system can accurately calculate the availability of transportation vehicles, which helps the monitoring center gain an in-depth understanding of possible problems during the transportation process, thereby improving overall transportation efficiency and ensuring service quality.

Efficiency assessment

Issue tracking

Accurate calculation

5. Instant parameter version confirmation

The system performs real-time parameter version confirmation to ensure that system parameters are in the latest status, and reminds users to update as soon as possible to reduce potential problems caused by inconsistent versions.

Reduce risk

effective management


6. Intelligent statistical charts

The system provides a wealth of statistical charts and intuitive presentations of vehicle operation data, enabling managers to have a deeper understanding of system operation and providing a strong basis for strategy formulation.

Convenient preparation

Clear work assignments

Conducive to statistics

Application field

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