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​About us

About us


We are committed to cultivating outstanding young engineers in Taiwan. We believe that they not only possess excellent technology, but also possess rich innovative thinking. Our goal is to make everything possible and provide a better and more convenient life experience through innovative information services. This is our corporate DNA, which is based on youth and innovation as the soul, constantly challenging ourselves and creating a better tomorrow.

Corporate philosophy

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Integrated financial transportation services

Combining financial transaction platform, transportation ticket and application system experience to build a transportation mobile ticket SaaS platform


Develop transportation in rural areas of Taiwan

​Construct a transportation equipment management system to provide services for rural transportation based on small and medium-sized vehicles


Assist developing countries in transition

Promote Taiwan's experience internationally and assist developing countries with transportation tickets and financial digital services

Corporate Chronicle


Established in Neihu


Cooperation with passenger transport operators
Develop and innovate a common platform for transportation tickets


The company moved to Nangang Software Park


Developed and launched a common platform for transportation tickets
With APP service software


Company name changedZhanrui Information Co., Ltd.


Commissioned to develop parking equipment parameter management system


Bank inquiries and cooperation
Adopt a common platform for transportation tickets


Entrusted to develop bus equipment repair reports
and monitoring system


Developed in cooperation with major domestic manufacturers
Foreign transportation ticket system
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Welcome to join us

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