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Ticket inspection machine monitoring system

Ticket validator surveillance system

Case introduction

The ticket inspection machine monitoring system is a smart and efficient solution. The system automatically monitors the operating status of the ticket verification machine and quickly determines whether it is a network connection problem or equipment failure, ensuring immediate resolution of the problem. Through data charting, managers can understand the operating status of the system at any time, support remote management, and effectively improve performance.


The system also features customized reports, automatic diagnosis, instant confirmation of version relationships, and confirmation of normal vehicle attendance and absence, etc. It simplifies the management process, ensures smooth ticketing operations, and provides an efficient and reliable monitoring experience.

Case features


Automatically detect equipment problems

The system can automatically detect equipment problems through set parameters to ensure immediate repair of faults and improve operational stability.


Simplify the repair process

Problems can be quickly archived through the system, saving customer service staff time and cost, and facilitating subsequent statistics.


Easily manage device versions

In response to iterative updates of equipment, parameterization enables a simple update process to keep equipment in optimal condition at all times.


Smart management of maintenance work orders

The system can accurately allocate tasks according to the problem area, scope and problem type, improving maintenance efficiency.


Customized paid parking spaces

Provide more flexible parking charging options to meet various needs, such as unloading truck parking spaces, disabled vehicle parking spaces, etc.


Data charting

Parameterization is used to chart the data, allowing users to grasp the operating status more intuitively and provide a reference for decision-making.

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